What Hurts more Airsoft or Paintball

If we talk in layman's language or in more paintball hurts more as the size of paintball is huge as compared to airsoft BB but we cannot deny the fact that airsoft does hurt bad. If we head towards more into scientific terms then paintball and airsoft can equally painful or sometimes airsoft can be more painful if the situations are favoring airsoft. Let's see what are the factors on which intensity of the pain depends:-

1.FPS of gun-

FPS is the short form of “feet per second”.FPS is directly linked to the speed of the BB.FPS is directly linked to the force by a BB or paintball that will hit. Higher will be the FPS of the gun more painful will be the shot. When compared both airsoft as well as paintball gun have equal FPS which is 200–400 FPS therefore this factor doesn't really matter when it comes to comparison.

2.Pellet Diameters-

Pellet can be a deciding factor when it comes to which one will hurt more.Heavier will be the pellet more impact it will create. A .68 caliber paintball will weigh approx 3.0 grams on other hand 1.25 grams is the weight of a 0.50 caliber paintball. If we compare these stats with airsoft, the weight of airsoft BB can range from 0.12–0.40 grams, and 0.40 gram BB is still not easily used. These states are clear to make out that paintball will hit with more impact as compared to airsoft.

Let us look at the mathematical calculations:

IMPACT (K.E)= 1/2× mass× (Velocity)².

As we discussed in the above section, the FPS of both airsoft and paintball is nearly the same therefore the only deciding factor is the weight of the pellet. As we have seen paintball pellet is much heavier as compared to airsoft pellets therefore according to the formula, the paintball hit will be more painful if the velocity of the respective pellet is the same.

Here is the catch

The situation we have taken in the above scenario is an ideal situation. In reality, the situations can be influenced by many conditions such as wind speed or thickness of clothes. A BB can hit hard in windy conditions in contrary to a paintball on a non-windy day. Here are some conditions that influence the pellet hit:

  1. Range from the shooter — If the shooter is shooting a pellet from a short distance then obviously the bit will more much more painful as compared to a pellet shot from a distance.
  2. Your amount of clothing — Thicker will be your clothes more time it will take for the pellet to slow down. For best protection from pellets, you can make use of a full plate carrier and BDU military clothing. These are thick clothing which will protect you from any kind of injuries.
  3. Wind direction— If the direction of the wind is in the direction of pellets then the force with which the pellet will hit will be larger. A BB in direction of the wind can hit more painfully when compared to a paintball in the opposite direction of the wind.

Which area is affected the most?

Airsoft can be very painful if the pellet hits you in the wrong area. Generally, areas with thin skin will hurt more. Areas such as the face, eyes, hands, or neck can get painful hits. It can cause bruises on bare skin and if the shot is from a very close distance then it can even break your teeth. Things can even go worst. If a BB is shot from a really close distance and directly into your eyes then it can make you blind also.


I would like to conclude by saying that dont ever play airsoft or paintball without wearing any safety gear. Invest in the helmet, gloves, plate carrier, and tactical uniform and then only step on the warzone.